Green Initiative

Ayurvedic Massage Centre

Organic Veg Garden

A bountiful, healthy, and ecologically friendly garden is maintained growing organic vegetables to enjoy healthy, tasty food fresh from it.

Herbal Garden

Turning a new leaf to healthy lifestyle. A green bed of life-giving plants arrayed in the most exquisite way to keep you in good kilter. Feel the herbs, feel life.

OWC (Organic Waste Convertor)

System is designed to eliminate odour and also to remove the problem of irritants such as flies and rats. Also it turns large amounts of organic waste such as kitchen waste, garden waste, food processing waste etc. into compost.

Rain Water Harvest

Provide an alternative supply during water restrictions and help maintain a green, healthy garden. Depending upon tank size and climate, rainwater harvesting can reduce main water use by 100%.

Ayurvedic Massage Centre

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